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Rental Conditions


Rental Conditions - Bliss Rent a Car Crete Greece


1. Rental

The rental is 24-hour. The end of the rental agreement is specified in the contract. The Renter has the right to deliver the hired car up to half an hour after the end of the rental agreement. This time must be specified in the rental agreement.

Exceeding this time limit implies additional charge of one day.

The delivery of the car earlier than the agreed period does not include a refund except in exceptional cases. The delivery and collection will take place only in an indicated place in Bliss Office. Delivery and collection at the airport or port includes charging € 20 per time.

2. The Rental Price Includes

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Third Party Insurance
  • 24-hour road assistance
  • Car replacement in case of damage
  • Vat and other taxes

3. Payment Methods

Payment will be made by cash or credit cart. The liability amount will be blocked by the credit / debit card of the renter and it will be unblocked after the end of the rental within few working days. In case that the guarantee is given by the renter in cash, and if any of the terms and conditions of this contract has not been violated, the amount will be fully returned at the end of the rental service to the renter.

4. Driving License

The permission of the authorized driver of the rented car should be issued at least one year before the date of hire. The driver must either hold a driving license recognized by a European Union country or be a holder of an International Driving Permit which must be accompanied by the driver's license of his country.

During the collection of the car the renter's ID card or passport will also be requested. The driver should be at least 23 years and up to 75.The car is delivered and should be returned full of fuel. If it is returned with less fuel than at the beginning of the rental, the renter will be charged the amount of € 12, per rental contract, plus the cost of the missing fuel.

5. Delivery and Collection

The delivery and collection of the car will be made in an indicated place at Bliss Office.

Transportation of the rented cars. Car transportation outside Crete or Greece and generally transported by ferry is prohibited.

6. Traffic Violations

Fines and other consequences caused entirely and exclusively by the renter should be paid to the corresponding services. Should the renter "Bliss" will be applied to the renter.

7. Additional Services Offered

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). If the rental car is damaged, the renter will be covered for the cost of repairs of the bliss vehicle. You will, however have to pay up to a maximum of €500 for small cars (car group A), €600for medium (car group B) and €800 for intermediate (car group C,D and F), towards the repair costs, storage charges and loss of us, regardless of whether you were at fault or not. However, if bliss recovers these costs from a responsible third party, we will reimburse you.

Full Damage Waiver (FDW) for zero risk with 10, 00 € per day. In case of an accident, the renter is covered for the material damages.

Additional driver. The service of additional driver is charged with 2,00 € per day rental.

Navigation system (GPS): the system tariff is set at 5, 00 € / day rental.

Baby seat: a) baby seat-the price is set at 2, 00 € / day rental, b) booster seat-the price is set at 2, 00 € / day.

8. Expand / Cancel the Rental

To extend the rental, the renter must inform the company 24 hours earlier. To cancel the reservation the renter should inform the company as soon as possible and without cost.

9. Rental Locations

Bliss CAR RENTAL provides pick up and drop off facilities/services only from/to Heraklion Airport – distanced 14km from our hotel - under the additional cost of 20€ PER ROUTE

For Guests of our hotels who rent a car for a week(7 days) this service is provided for free.